Mauri and Welcome to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (MCIC).

The MCIC is one of the key Government ministries that provides the following services:

  1. Business Registration and Development
  2. Investment – Registration of Foreign Investment
  3. Cooperative and credit union Registration and Development
  4. Industry Development
  5. Trade Promotion Services
  6. Promotion of Product Quality and Standards
  7. Consumer Protection and Empowerment
  8. Intellectual Property Development and Promotion

Vacant Post as follow:

MCIC Event

Consumer Right Day
15th March 2019

Intellectual Property Day
26th April 2019

Cooperatives Day
6th July 2019(Not Yet Confirm)

Business Award Day
6th July 2019(Not Yet Confirm)

National Trade Show 
In August 2019(Not Yet Confirm)

World Coconut Day
2nd September 2019(Not Yet Confirm)

Credit Union Day
17th October 2019(Not Yet Confirm)

World Quality Day
14 November 2019

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