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Intellectual Property Division

Intellectual Property Division is operating under the Business Regulatory Center and responsible for providing services in accordance to the Registration of United Kingdom Trademark Ordinance (Cap 88), the Registration of United Kingdom Patent Ordinance (Cap 87), the United Kingdom Designs Protection (Cap 99) and the Kiribati Copyright Act 2018. Intellectual Property (IP) arises to accommodate the KV20, KPA 2 and the National Intellectual Property Strategy with an aims to pursue development of our economy through protection of original works which will further incentive the growth of our creative cultural industries. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) consists of;

  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Industrial design
  • Patent

Why IP Protection Matters?

  • to provide incentive towards various creative endeavors of the mind by offering protections;
  • to give such creators official recognition;
  • To facilitate the growth of both domestic industry or culture, and International trade, through the treaties offering multi-lateral protection.

Key Functions and Roles

  • Registration of new Trademarks and Patents
  • Registration of Renewal, Change of Name or Address for Trademarks and Patents
  • Providing advice in relation to Intellectual Property matters
  • Implementation and Review of all outdated Intellectual Property Law.

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IP Event

Intellectual Property Day – 26th April 2020


Bunataa Tekena

Bunataa Tekena

Assistant Copyright Officer

BRC Divisions

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