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Te katanoata nakoia taan kaoi bwaai ni kateitei. E a manga kanauaki riki te tai ibukin butimwaean tender imwain te aoa 5 P.M n te kanimabong, 23 Tuurai 2021
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Mauri and Welcome to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (MCIC).

The MCIC is one of the key Government ministries that provides the following services:

  1. Business Registration and Development
  2. Investment – Registration of Foreign Investment
  3. Cooperative and credit union Registration and Development
  4. Industry Development
  5. Trade Promotion Services
  6. Promotion of Product Quality and Standards
  7. Consumer Protection and Empowerment
  8. Intellectual Property Development and Promotion

MCIC Event

Dubai Expo 
1st October 2020 – 31 March 2021

Consumer Right Day
15th March 2021

Intellectual Property Day
26th April 2021

Cooperatives Day
4rd July 2021

Updates Control Price List as at 18th August 2020

Infant Milk Formular
Milk Powder
Flour Grain

Rice Grain
Sugar Grain
Mosquito Net
Control Price Latest

Download the latest Control Price for the link below:


Control Price Ammend Order No1 2021

Size: 475.96 KB
Hits: 445
Date added: 16-03-2021

Control Price Ammend Order No1 2020

Size: 222.81 KB
Hits: 387
Date added: 28-04-2020

Control Price Ammend Order No3 2020

Size: 4.07 MB
Hits: 245
Date added: 25-09-2020

Control Price Ammend Order No2 2020

Size: 617.91 KB
Hits: 451
Date added: 28-04-2020
Drink Mix (Cordials etc)
Fuel Control Price
Baby Food
Bar Soap
School Book

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