Background information of Industry Promotion Division

The ultimate goal of the Industry Promotion Division is to increase market share from 3% to 5%. This can be achieved through the substitution of imported goods with local made products to reduce trade deficit. Therefore the Industry Promotion Division usually work on new project ideas that could lead to the development of viable manufacturing industries in Kiribati. The other major duty of Industry Promotion Division is to provide support and extension services to existing manufacturing industries in Kiribati.

The Local Industry Promotion Division comprised of the following positions; (Vacant) Senior Local Industry Promotion Officer, Mwarietoa Tembwa as Local Industry Promotion Officer, Benjamin Tekanene as Assistant Local Industry Promotion Officer and John Tekabwebwe as Security Guard.

Current progress of Industry Promotion Division:

  • The Industry Promotion Division is currently working on the formulation of the Coconut Sector Development Strategy to provide a new framework for the Government in supporting the development of the Coconut Sector in Kiribati.
  • It is taking the lead in supporting the Ministry to host the 53rd Asia Pacific Coconut Community to be held in October 2017 from the 23rd October 2017 to 30th October 2017.