Investment Promotion Division

by | Jul 24, 2017 |

Open Sector for Foreign Investments


  • Offshore Fishing (12 nautical miles and beyond)
  • Processing of fish & marine products
  • Export of Aquaculture production
  • Farming of marine resources (pearl, sea cucumber, milkfish, sponge)
  • Sea-bed mineral exploration


  • Fruit Processing
  • All Coconut products
  • Piggery farming
  • Poultry farming

Information & Communication Technology[2]:

  • Telecommunication services
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services
  • Internet Service Provider (direct connection to satellite)


  • Luxury accommodation providers (investment valued at or more than AUD$100,000 for providers located in Line & Phoenix Islands Group). Investment in this area is open for investors operating in the rest of the outer islands.
  • Cultural Centre (joint venturing is recommended)

 Other investment activities:

  • Domestic inter-island shipping (specific to route servicing Southern islands in the Gilbert Island Group and Line & Phoenix Group).
  • Air service between the Gilbert Island Group and Line & Phoenix
  • Boatbuilding for inter-island going boats/vessels for passenger and cargo only.
  • Financial services, Banking & Insurance
  • Wholesaling

[1] Comply with Fisheries Act and regulations

[2] To comply with Telecommunication Authority of Kiribati

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