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What is a Patent?

A patent is a document issued by the Government that describes an invention and grants the owner exclusive rights to his/her invention for a limited period of time. Inventions are defined as solutions to a technical problem.

Sunglasses, electric fans, etc.

Who should consider registering a Trademark or Patent?

For Trademarks:
Any businesses or individuals, small or big, that want to attract customers by distinguishing their products from that of their competitors by the quality and value they offer.

For Patents:
Any person that has an invention that is new and useful in improving the quality of life.

How to file documents with the Intellectual Property Office:
For registration of New Trademarks or Patents, application for renewal, change of name or address of registered Trademarks and Patents, send us originals of the following documents;

  • United Kingdom Certified Copy
  • Authorization of Agent form
  • Copy of official filing fee detail (Please refer Trademark Fee Schedule and Patent Fee Schedule for more information)
  • 5 prints of the mark (for New Trademark Registrations ONLY)
  • Deed of Assignment (for Application of Trademark Assignment ONLY)
  • European Specification (for Patents Application ONLY)

These documents can be provided in person by attending the Intellectual Property Unit, Fair Trading Regulatory Division, Business Regulatory Center, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives or by Postal Address at Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Cooperatives, PO Box 510, Betio, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati.

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